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The Womanizer $10


The Rats $10

Cedrick is back on St. Croix after being honorably discharged from the military. His adjustment to civilian life is not what he imagined; things get more complicated when and old friend of his (G-dog) needs his help when he finds himself in jail. Cedrick wants to help his friend but he has to take unwanted risks that will make the Dangers of the Tongue a reality.

Dayton Banks is a fluke of nature that has been spoiled by Women from the beginning of his dating life. He has grown so accustomed to this that it begins to backfire and he wants out only to be surprised when he decides to play it fair with one Woman and runs into a new game.

Senator Alphonso Akbar has just bin elected to the U.S. Virgin Islands Senate on the premise of crime prevention


Admirals Pavilion Motion Pictures Greatest Hits Volume 1

This documentary is the best of the best of our first 10 years of film production with music videos from St. Croix artists Kulprit, Sixamillion and more! Bonus footage of St. Thomas and St. Maarten Tour. 1hr23Min Price:Bonus donation!

V.I. History Grove Place

A documentary about the historical events that took place on the estate found on St. Croix 1hr12min. $10

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V.I. Happenings 2

This highlights St. Croix Emancipation celebration, Iron Man Triathlon and more cultural events!  $10. 1hr16min

V.I. Happenings 3

New St. Croix events such as Ramon Richardson's movie premier highlights, 3 Kings day parade 2020 and much more! $15

Who Is Ramon Richardson

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Enjoy 2hrs of Nonstop action. Price =Bonus Donation!



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